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AIRTEk assisted the commercial building to complete the replacement of nearly 20 years old monitoring software and upgrade it to a smart building

It is often heard that some old building systems want to integrate/upgrade, but face the following difficulties:
*Looking for the original system integrator, but the price was skyrocketing
*Looking for new vendors, but being asked for high integration fees, or needing to replace some of the systems that are still usable
*The original system products have been discontinued or the original manufacturer is no longer available, so even if you have money, you can’t find them.

With the efforts of the overall technical team:
*Colleagues in the company assist in online search for all available information in the old system
*The system engineer continuously tests and records the integration method of the old system on site
*Firmware engineers cooperate to modify the communication between the controller and the subsystem
*Software engineers cooperate to modify software and monitor subsystems

Assist in integration :
*VRF air conditioning system         
*Fire Fighting System   
*electricity meter   
*light control system    
*Generator System                             
*elevator system
*Air supply and exhaust system 

Contact us now, let us use the most professional technical & service team to help you break through all the problems you encountered when upgrading/integrating the old system!

Products used:
BACsoft-AWS / WC-RB12 / PC-ME11 /GC8846P /Fire Integration




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