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VRF air conditioning automation control system

"Energy saving" must be an important issue that often surrounds our lives!
As we spend more time in indoor spaces, it becomes necessary to create energy-efficient and comfortable environments.
At this time, it will be related to how to save energy and achieve a comfortable balance?

The VRF system is an architecture consisting of one outdoor unit connected to multiple indoor units or zones.
It has high energy efficiency and comfort, and will continuously adjust the amount of refrigerant flowing to each indoor unit.
This allows users to better control the indoor temperature.
Each room can be cooled and heated individually, or even an entire floor of a building can be controlled.
Meet your needs for comfort and energy saving.

AIRTEK VRF Flexible System Architecture
No panel/single machine panel/group+single machine panel/graphical human-computer/cloud operation (browser & App)…., 
Can meet the following usage scenarios

✔️Public area
✔️large area
✔️Dynamic group control
✔️On-site monitoring
✔️Cloud management

Recent case results of assisting [samtec] to integrate VRF air conditioning system, the integration functions are as follows: 
✔️Trend record
✔️Historical record
✔️Real time information
✔️List overview
✔️Schedule control
✔️Temperature and humidity sensing
✔️LINE alert notification
✔️Statistical analysis of operating status

1.Plan the layout and settings of multiple devices for the site

图像 169

2.Instantly know information about the number of machines turned on, average set temperature,
and operating time

图像 170

3.Instantly know the historical records of set temperature and power-on ratio
图像 171

4.Real-time trends in indoor temperature and humidity
组 63

5.Data record browsing
图像 172

6.You can see the status of all devices in a list at once
图像 173

7.Perform setting operations for a single device respectively
图像 174

8.Instantly view the temperature and operation of the equipment
图像 175

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