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Energy Management Solutions-Power System

In an era when electricity is constantly rising, the production costs of all walks of life are also increasing.
In order to reduce the impact of rising electricity prices, we all need to consider how to save energy and
electricity. All walks of life are troubled by electricity problems and face the following dilemmas :

*Unable to immediately identify the source of power consumption
*Unable to know electricity consumption information
*Unable to calculate electricity consumption and electricity bills
*Unable to know the real-time status of the integration point
Various power system problems, etc., how to solve these problems?

The owner of this case needs to replace a Windows XP system that is about 10 years old, and replace it with a Windows 10 system & old graphic control screen revision & integrated planning of power system & power billing.

Assist owners to add new items in sequence
*Power Systems
*Power monitoring
*Electricity demand
*Power usage analysis
*Instant trends
*System replacement
*Image control screen revision
The commissioning adjustment and acceptance were completed as scheduled, and the newly added power system was successfully delivered to the operating unit.

Old system screen display
组 88

New system screen display
组 89

1. Function: The new graphic control can synchronize the viewing of the old graphic control by setting a button graphic and using a floating window.

2. Functions: electricity consumption trends, electricity consumption information, reports

3. KW electricity consumption analysis

4.KWH electricity consumption analysis
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