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Market-Air conditioning automation control system

Want to know how AIRTEK system is applied in the "market"?
Taking the market as an example, how to monitor the status of air conditioners and other systems in each area in offices and markets?
Are you also worried because there is too much information and you can’t find the information you want to see at the moment?
But when you encounter a huge system volume, you don’t know how to integrate it?
For these problems, AIRTEK can help you eliminate difficulties one by one!

Recent case results of assisting [market] to integrate air-conditioning systems. the integration functions are as follows:
✔️Dynamic group control
✔️AHU System
✔️Exhauster Fan System
✔️Chiller System
✔️Full heat exchanger system
✔️List-based information integration
✔️FCU System (floating control)
✔️Energy consumption information monitoring (KW、KWH、BTU)
After using the AIRTEK monitoring system, we have overcome the need to rely on personnel for regular inspections in the past. Not only can we see the system status more quickly, more efficiently, and more clearly! It also saves unnecessary extra costs.

1. Office/Market Chiller System
组 4234

2. Office/Market Energy consumption dashboard
组 4236

3. Office/Market Full heat exchanger system
组 4237

4. Office/Market Exhauster Fan System
组 4238

5. Office/Market AHU System
组 4239

6. Office/Market FCU System (floating control)
组 4240
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