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NFC group control panel newly added function descriptions related to partition group control

1. Simple group partition operation display interface.

2. Different control types can be selected, including different control modes such as 
[single machine + whole area] / [single machine + whole area + partition] / [lock whole area].

3. Partition information is actually stored on the DFD controller. If any panel modifies the partition 
configuration, all related panels do not need to be reset.

4. Zones can be easily set up through the group control panel without additional tools.

5. Provide partition review mode, which allows managers/users to review the contents of actual control members of different partitions
at any time, which is convenient for maintenance; various air-conditioning operations can also be performed at any time during the review.

6. Zoning control is not just a simple ON/OFF, but also includes all the operation settings (such as temperature setting/wind speed setting/air conditioning setting, etc.) 
and parameter settings that can be done on the NFC panel, and can be operated by partition.


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