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BACsoft External Point Integration Expansion Software(BACsoft-nBP)

BACsoft-nBP is an extension software designed to add integration of non-BACnet protocols to BACsoft software. BACsoft is a set of BTL-certified BACnet-compliant workstation software designed to monitor and control BACnet systems, and can communicate with all BACnet-compliant devices.

Recently AIRTEK discovered , Even if the main architecture is a BACnet communication system, still need to integrate other systems/devices through other protocols. In this case, it is necessary to add a lot of communication converter/gateway equipment to the system, which not only increases the cost of equipment, but also increases the cost of construction/wiring. Most Gateway devices only support 1-to-1 conversion of different protocols, not 1-to-many, and the configuration of points is often large, and the integration of a small number of points or sporadic points is still costly.

In order to solve the above common problems during integration, AIRTEK launches this set of integration tools to solve your problems!

BACsoft External Point Integration Expansion Software Features :
✅The number of all non-BACnet communication points can be matched by the user.
✅Standard formats that comply with the Taiwan Association for Information and Communication Industry Standards (TAICS). 
✅Can directly upgrade the licenses to meet the required number of points without purchasing new licenses. 。
✅Various point configurations allow users to save money by purchasing the number of points they need at the right time.
✅It can integrate common protocols including Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, MQTT, API and so on.
✅In addition to the editing interface provided by BACsoft software, the point conversion editing of Modbus and TAICS API can be imported/exported to Excel for editing,

[ BACsoft-nBP Wiring Diagram ]
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