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  • LCD Group Control Panel
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  • Model:NFT28U
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The NFT28U group control LCD touch panel is a dedicated field operation man-machine interface DF series fan coil controller. It has a two-wire RS485 network communication capability and can be connected with up to 32 fan controllers to form a community network. Through the NFT28U operating interface, users can perform control functions such as start-stop operation, schedule start-stop operation, temperature adjustment, wind speed switching, and timer shutdown of the fan controller in groups, partitions or individually, as well as real-time monitoring of the operational status of each fan. View and check function, with a touch-sensitive LCD backlit screen, and can operate the touch screen to start, stop, change the temperature and humidity settings, etc.), and also has 8 dedicated touch function keys, which can be quickly set. Adopting 32-bit microprocessor to manufacture super powerful functions and superior performance, the transmission distance can reach 1,200 meters.
The NFT28U-Q is a version that incorporates the air quality sensor function. Users can obtain the air quality value in the environment through the NFT28U-Q without having to install an additional air quality sensor. In addition, users can upload media screens through NFTeditor, plan various corporate images or energy-saving promotional screens, and display them when there is no operation to enhance the added value of the product.


  • It adopts MODBUS communication, which can be connected to the FCnet or SCnet layer communication of AIRTEK DFC series products as the man-machine interface of the controller.
  • The 2.8” TFT LCD touch screen can display various information content, with simplified/traditional/English operation display, and menu settings can be switched directly.
  • The control screen is divided into the main control screen and the advanced setting screen. The general setting can be controlled by the touch pad on the panel to control the comfortable conditions.
  • With advanced settings, there are functions such as mode, sleep comfort, energy saving, scheduled power on/off, timer power off, system settings, password, channel selection, group, and common modes.
  • The fan selection function can display the currently connected fans and their power on/off status at one time, so that the user does not need to select one by one to confirm whether it is currently on/off.
  • In addition to the overall control, the group control function can also set the partition group. When using it, you can perform related group settings (such as temperature, wind speed) for a specific area.
  • The common mode function can save the common settings of each fan in the network, so that the administrator can return all the fans in the network to the common settings with one key operation when necessary.
  • You can update the firmware and upload image data through the Mini USB interface.
  • With the function of uploading media screens, plan all kinds of corporate images or energy-saving promotion screens, with a maximum of 18 images. You can choose to play or not to play.
  • With language, lock, temperature unit, background setting, buzzer, media playback, brightness, clock mode, clock setting adjustment and other parameter setting functions.
  • The clock mode setting can accept the network time correction of the central monitoring, and you can also choose the clock to write out, and the panel will display the time, and the connected controller will be synchronized.
  • NFT28U-Q contains temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide sensing functions, which can sense indoor air quality and return its values ​​to the central monitoring network.