Dear Customers,
Thank you for a long time for the company's product support and care. In order to provide you with better products and services, please fill in the following questions, your suggestions and evaluation is our motivation.

Company Project Name
Contact Unit/Title
Tel/Ext E-mail
Evaluating Item Excellent
Product quality
1 Products appearance
2 Ship goods to delivery place and no missing parts
3 Product performance stability and reliability
4 Product price
5 Package quality
Delivery time
1 Speed of delivery
2 Delay shipment notification
3 Processing of rush order
Sales and after service
1 Professional level of salesman
2 Efficiency and enthusiasm of salesman
3 Speed of reply purchase order
4 New products promote
5 Speed of reply customer complaints
6 Processing method of customer complaints
7 After sales service solve the technical problem
8 Processing efficiency of repair goods
1 Products information
2 Operation interface

Evaluating items which one do you think is most important? (Multiple selections accepted.)

How much of our products will be used and the confidence in the future?

What recommendations for us?

Thank you for your suggestion, ending question!

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