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Application Notice

Dealer Policy

Our goal is to develop and enhance relationships with partners. We uphold our company's reputation, professionalism and the integrity. By uphold these standard, we will equally treat and share with all of our Dealer partners.

Become AIRTEK Distributor

We invite all individual who have passed the accreditation, has the ability, experience and background to sell our products and grow together with AIRTEK. AIRTEK promise not without the consent of the regional distributors, we will not offer dealership in the same region. We will publish the location and regional distributors in marketing propaganda, to help dealers to grasp business opportunities.

Pricing and dealers

1. In order to provide the most competitive sales channel, AIRTEK pricing strategy will adjust in according to different business opportunities. Adjustment range will calculated by integrated internal cost, current material cost and project size. The final price may depend on purchase amount and size of the project.
2. AIRTEK dealers will distinguish between Gold, Silver and Bronze three-level. The difference between the three levels depends on their past purchases, commitment and loyalty to the AIRTEK brand. Gold-level dealers will have more benefits, followed by a silver level.
3. When multiple dealers in the pursuit of business opportunities in the same project, AIRTEK will protect the company who had make the first filling and the company must provide prior arrangement design documents. With that we may ensure every each dealer has a fair competitive position. If the project does not have any dealers filling, AIRTEK will provide uniform price to all dealers.
4. In case of large projects under competitive circumstances, at the dealer's request, when requires AIRTEK shipped directly correspond to customer transactions. AIRTEK will pay an agency fee to dealers after the project completed

Bid Requirements

Our goal is to provide a quotation (complex project work up to 72 hours) within 24 hours, but dealers must provide point list, related diagram, bidding requirements to us, that will help us more quickly and precisely process your request.