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BACnet Building Controller (GC8846(P))

GC8846(P) is a BACnet B-BC class listed LAN communication integration stand alone controller with router function. It is a communication bridge between workstation and field controller. Therefore It has a 100M Bases-TX Ethernet port that can communicate with operated workstation or other global controller through BACnet Ethernet or BACnet/IP communication protocol. In addition, it has an MS/TP ports can connect up to 32 sets DAC or DSC series controller and hundreds of expansion modules to form a BACnet network backbone. GC8846(P) equipped with BI/AI/BO/AO on-board. In addition, it has an EIMnet port can connect up to 24 EIM series of expansion modules, allowing you to expand in response to the needs of various points. Another MSnet port can connect to an external LCD control panel to make user operation and control easily at the job site.
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GC8846(P) is a building controller that has passed BTL BACnet B-BC level certification. It has router (Router) function, programmable function, independent operation (Stand alone) ability, and supports calendar table, time table, notification type, alarm event BACnet standard objects such as logging, trend recording, etc.
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