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DSF1150B(M)-xx [ BACnet / Modbus Networking FCU controller ]

组 35

[Application Notes]
DSF1150B(M)-xx series fan coil controller is a multi-functional,high-performance, independent microcomputer controller, It can connect up to 32 turbine controllers with LCD group control panels or communication protocol converters into a local network via 2-wire BACnet MSTP /Modbus RTU communication, which can realize centralized management of distributed
wind turbine equipment, Performs group and stand-alone control and status monitoring,with a variety of control applications, including: timed on/off, switching air conditioning operation mode, air speed, setting temperature, performing energy-saving actions, external contact status, performing hourly counts.... etc.

With 2 sets of AO/AI points and programmable functions for DC DC fan and proportional valves and other high-end control of energy-saving and customized applications, it is suitable for office buildings, five-star hotels, science and technology buildings,academic research institutes, or production plants that require centralized management of decentralized control of fan coil equipment.

[Product Features]
• Built-in high-efficiency microprocessor (MCU) with independent operation capability.
• Adopting return air temperature control, the temperature control function is not affected by the installation position of the operation panel.
• Follows the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning (ASHRAE) BACnet protocol and is BTL B-ASC certified.
• Built-in FCnet communication interface connects 32 controllers into a LAN for centralized management of distributed controllers.
• Built-in SCnet communication interface can be connected to stand-alone or group control panel, which is convenient for users to expand the human-machine interface at any time due to the need of secondary renovation.
• Two digital inputs (BI) can be connected to Personnel Presence Indicator (PIR), Water Leakage Indicator (WLI), Room Card Lockout (RCL), or Windmill Operational Status (WOS) signals.
• Two digital outputs (BO) for 2-pipe (manual), 4-pipe (automatic), 2-pipe + main unit interlock or 2-pipe float valve control.
• With two sets of analog inputs (AI), it can be connected to DC DC fan/proportional valve return signal or external water pipe sensor to adjust the air conditioning mode automatically according to the water temperature.
• DSF1150B(M)-DC has two sets of analog output points (AO), which can be connected to DC DC wind turbine/proportional valve 0-10Vdc control signal for high level energy saving control.
• DSF1150B(M)-AC is equipped with automatic three-stage variable speed control and manual three-stage speed regulation; DSF1150B(M)-DC is capable of PID stepless variable speed automatic control.
• With air-conditioning operation modes such as air-conditioning, heating, and air supply, and a patented energy-saving operation function, it maintains comfort while conserving energy needs.
• With time schedule on/off function, 0~12 hours fast timer shutdown function, billable forced shutdown or billable forced air supply function.
• Automatic Network Time Synchronization.
• In addition to the preloaded standard FCU control program, it is also equipped with DDC programmable function, which allows users to modify the required customized applications with high flexibility.
• Online program editing, debugging, online program download and online firmware update.
• With enthalpy, dew point temperature, PID control and other common HVAC functions and advanced mathematical functions such as logarithm, trigonometric function, open root sign and so on.
• Abnormal status code display and WATCH DOG function.
• Plug-in design simplifies installation and maintenance.
• Memory function for operating parameters during power failure, memory data is stored in FRAM and can be stored for more than 10 years.

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